The 10 Most Popular Sleep Tips by Sleep Options

Sleep Options memory foam mattress, Sleep Options natural latex mattress, sleep tips, If you did not already know, Sleep Options creates new sleep tips every Tuesday for our readers! Located on our Blogger site, these weekly sleep tips are little reminders and ideas of how you can get a better night’s sleep, take care of your mattress, and enhance your daily routine. With over a year’s worth of tips, there are definitely some favorites amongst our readers. Enjoy the top 10 sleep tips pulled from our popular posts section on the blog!

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Why You Should Make Your Bed

Make Your BedOne of the easiest habits to break is making your bed. This habit however, is one of the easiest to start, and the effects from such a simple chore can have a resounding positive effect on the rest of your day. This isn’t to say that making your bed has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better or cure your sleep disorder, but there is a mutual understanding amongst those who do make their bed that it does help. It is common to not feel the need to make your bed simply because you will mess the sheets up later when you go to sleep. You may feel that it is a waste of a precious few minutes that you could spend sleeping! But for those of you who do not make your bed, you are missing out on better sleep and a much more active day!
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How to Get Your Children to Sleep

Sleep Options mattress, memory foam mattress, natural latex mattress, pillows, beddingIs there anything worse than fighting with your kids to get to sleep, so that you can get to bed? It can sometimes be very stressful for you as a parent. Five more minutes of TV, let me beat this level and I’ll go to bed, read me another bedtime story, are all examples of children’s requests before they turn in for the night. But did you know that research shows how sleep plays a crucial role in brain development and functionality in children and teenagers? So what can you do to help your kids sleep sooner, faster and better?

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