Choosing the Right Mattress For You: Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep AccessoriesBoth natural latex foam and memory foam mattresses have the qualities of conforming to one’s body and providing a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s rest. Both types of mattresses also provide many health benefits and relieve sleep disorders for those who use them. It is important to know the benefits each mattress provides when selecting the right one for you. Here we will provide an overview of which problems the different mattresses alleviate during the night.

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How Your Pillow Affects Your Sleep

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep Accessories

Everyone tends to focus on their mattress as their main source of sleep problems. Though this may be a valid point, this view drastically overlooks the secondary cause of sleep problems, which is their pillow(s). Pillows are a direct source of discomfort to your neck, head, and upper spine, and this discomfort can easily cause disruption during sleep. This kind of sleep disruption can cause exhaustion and drowsiness during the day, which no person wants to deal with.

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Sleep Too Much? It May Be Detrimental To Your Health

Too Much Sleep is Bad.Sleep is an important part of one’s daily cycle, allowing the body to shut down and recover from what it has endured throughout the day. Experts recommend the average adult sleeps seven to nine hours per night, as too little or too much sleep can actually be harmful to your body. Oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and increased risk of death.

Oversleeping has also been linked to depression and low socioeconomic status. When a person is sick, the body feels fatigued throughout the day. People with low socioeconomic status may not have healthcare and some illnesses may go undiagnosed.

People with hypersomnia, a medical disorder causing a person to oversleep, suffer from extreme sleepiness throughout the day. It also causes them to sleep for an unusually long time at night. Many people with hypersomnia experience anxiety, lack of energy, and memory problems as a result of their nearly constant need for sleep.
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