Why You Should Make Your Bed

Make Your BedOne of the easiest habits to break is making your bed. This habit however, is one of the easiest to start, and the effects from such a simple chore can have a resounding positive effect on the rest of your day. This isn’t to say that making your bed has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better or cure your sleep disorder, but there is a mutual understanding amongst those who do make their bed that it does help. It is common to not feel the need to make your bed simply because you will mess the sheets up later when you go to sleep. You may feel that it is a waste of a precious few minutes that you could spend sleeping! But for those of you who do not make your bed, you are missing out on better sleep and a much more active day!

Accomplishment- Ever heard the saying “it’s the little things in life?” Well making your bed may very well be one of those “little things.” Wake up 5 minutes early and make your bed. You may not immediately feel the sensation of accomplishment, but later in the day you may sit back and feel relieved. Some of you may sit down following your bed-making, and immediately feel better about yourself and your day.

Peace of mind- After you have made your bed, don’t you feel like a weight has been lifted? Every time you walk into your bedroom and your bed is not made, doesn’t it just look unorganized and out of order? Everything could be spotless, yet your messy bed throws everything off. The bed is a large area, and when it’s messy, it can have a negative effect on how you perceive the room. By making your bed, you can be assured your room will not look messy. Even a messy room with a bed that has been made looks fairly presentable (even if it really isn’t).

Morning stress release- Sounds like an oxymoron right? Having to complete a task in the morning could never be a stress release, but you may be surprised. Making your bed allows your mind to focus on a task as well as use muscles that have been motionless for hours. This movement will allow your body to shake loose any “stress” built up during your sleep, and when you get to fluffing the pillows, you can release any pent up aggression out on them. Your pillows will accept your punishment, and comfort your head later that night!

Better sleep- Start making your bed when you wake up and see if your sleep improves. Having a clean and tidy bed and bedroom can help the mind and body relax when it comes time for sleep. You will not have to worry or stress about cleaning your room. Also, having your sheets tucked in will give you a more secure and comfortable sensation while in bed. You won’t have to waste time straightening out your sheets just to get in them. It will also help to keep you warm as the tucked in sheets will not let cold air to sneak in. You can slip into your bed and easily drift off to sleep. A bed that is made is more inviting and conducive to sleep.

You may be under the illusion that your sleep can’t possibly get any better, but it can. If you haven’t started making your bed in the morning, it may be time to start! If you don’t notice any difference in your sleep, at least you can say you have picked up a good habit! Either way you look at it, making your bed will have a positive impact on your life! Start today and tell us how it’s helped you in the comments!

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