Living with Arthritis: How to Reduce Pain and Better Your Sleep

Arthritis joint painHaving to deal with pain every day and night can lead to profound lifestyle changes. Arthritis, which is a general term to describe over 100 medical conditions, generally affects the elderly and is the main cause for disability among people over 55 years old. The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA), but there are other forms of arthritis that can affect a person even at an early age. To better understand how to manage the pain and get better sleep, you need to understand what arthritis is. Arthritis is usually caused by something going wrong within your joint, leading to a specific type of arthritis. Whether it is a lack of fluid within your joint, wearing of the cartilage that stops 2 bones from rubbing together or damage to the tendons and ligaments, arthritis pain can cause depression and sleep disorders.

Out of over 100 types of arthritis, these are the most commons forms:
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Choosing the Right Mattress For You: Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep AccessoriesBoth natural latex foam and memory foam mattresses have the qualities of conforming to one’s body and providing a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s rest. Both types of mattresses also provide many health benefits and relieve sleep disorders for those who use them. It is important to know the benefits each mattress provides when selecting the right one for you. Here we will provide an overview of which problems the different mattresses alleviate during the night.

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