How Your Pillow Affects Your Sleep

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Everyone tends to focus on their mattress as their main source of sleep problems. Though this may be a valid point, this view drastically overlooks the secondary cause of sleep problems, which is their pillow(s). Pillows are a direct source of discomfort to your neck, head, and upper spine, and this discomfort can easily cause disruption during sleep. This kind of sleep disruption can cause exhaustion and drowsiness during the day, which no person wants to deal with.

Using a pillow that is too large and too stiff can have the most profoundly disruptive effects on a person’s sleep. A larger pillow will prop a person’s head forward, which will restrict one’s airways, making it difficult to breathe during sleep. In addition, this will put serious strain on the neck and upper spine, further causing sleep discomfort. This type of strain will not only make for uncomfortable sleep patterns, but may also cause soreness of the neck and upper spine during the day. If the pillow that you use is too soft, it can cause a lot of the same negative effects, simply bending your neck backwards and causing strain in the opposite direction.

Your pillow, if too large or too small, can also very easily put strain on your muscles, as well. If muscles in your shoulders, neck and back are strained during sleep, they can cause aching, poor posture, and even poor mood during the day. It also helps to keep your shoulders and neck warm during sleep by wearing warm clothing, in order to avoid neck and shoulder pain in the morning.

Finding a good pillow is sort of like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – it should be not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Go to Sleep Options for the pillow you’re looking for.

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