Choosing the Right Mattress For You: Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep AccessoriesBoth natural latex foam and memory foam mattresses have the qualities of conforming to one’s body and providing a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s rest. Both types of mattresses also provide many health benefits and relieve sleep disorders for those who use them. It is important to know the benefits each mattress provides when selecting the right one for you. Here we will provide an overview of which problems the different mattresses alleviate during the night.

Who can benefit from a natural latex mattress? People who suffer from lower back pains should look into purchasing a latex mattress. Natural latex mattresses are reputable for their orthopedic support. The foam material used in latex beds help to relieve any tension in the hip area, thus eliminating discomfort in the lower back region during sleep.

Natural latex mattresses are produced from all-natural materials. Chemicals are not added when manufacturing natural latex. Therefore, people who have allergy problems would be comfortable when sleeping on this kind of bed, as it would not trigger a reaction. These mattresses are also safe for those who suffer from a latex allergy, as those components are not found within the product.

Natural latex mattresses are also very safe for children and babies to sleep on because of their eco-friendly qualities. Since there are no added chemicals, the mattress does not produce a bothersome odor, and allows children to sleep peacefully at night.

Memory foam mattresses provide many benefits for those who have any spinal irregularities. Because visco-elastic foam conforms to one’s body so easily, it helps to relieve any problems of scoliosis, arthritis, and bone deformities. When sleeping on an inner-spring mattress, these types of health issues may become even more uncomfortable because of the lack of stress free support.

Memory foam mattresses are also helpful for those who are constantly waking up during the night. Interrupted sleep is usually caused by the body’s pressure points that become stressed while sleeping. Memory foam helps to relieve discomfort of pressure points on your knees, hips and back because the material adjusts to individual body weight. Tossing and turning in the nighttime is also decreased because of how memory foam conforms, which allows both you and your partner to get a better night’s sleep.

For more information on memory foam and natural latex mattresses, visit our website.

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