How Stress Affects Sleep

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep AccessoriesStress can come in many forms, ranging from garden work to a death in the family. Any kind of stressor, big or little, can disrupt your sleep habits and cause more daily stress. Being able to deal with stress can be difficult, especially if it is job or family related. It is important to realize that high levels of stress will stimulate the release of hormones in the body that can lead to increased appetite, weight and energy.

When looking at the routines of people today, we can see that over-scheduling their day has become somewhat of a norm, squeezing as many activities and errands into it as possible. This may allow someone to get a lot done, but it will sooner or later take its toll on their body. Cortisol, a hormone released when a person is stressed, creates random bursts of energy, allowing for increased concentration, memory and motor functions. Cortisol is what is released in a life threatening situation – fight or flight response. To combat the stress from over-scheduling, it is suggested to plan out your day accordingly, allowing for maximum efficiency while giving yourself time to breathe. Take breaks, several if needed, and do not schedule too many activities close together, as timing can often be off. Running late for an appointment can only add stress to your day.

Work should stay exactly there – at work. It is emphasized to leave your work at the office and never bring it home. Bringing the daily stressors or work home with you can also induce stress on your partner, kids or whomever you live with. Stress can cause health issues, insomnia and depression, being the most commonly reported. If you have recently lost your job, the stress of not having work or income can also affect people around you.

Being worried because of a test or pending project with a due date can increase your stress levels as well as anxiety. The anticipation of a certain day’s task can often overwhelm a person to the point of fatigue. Stress can not only stimulate you and give you a jolt of energy, but can also slow you down.

Stress causes the mind to over-work, firing faster than it normally would in attempt to problem solve. While stress can lead to higher production during work, the higher functionality of the brain can cancel out our want or need to sleep, giving the illusion we are awake ready to get work done. The issue with that is, you problem solve while you sleep, and waking up rested will give your day a breath of fresh air, allowing you to start your day well rested and ready to combat the daily stressors.

Everyone has stress in their life, and how we cope with it varies. Whether you just lost a job, had a family member pass or are getting married, both good and bad stress affects our body. It’s how we deal with stress that can lead to a productive day or unproductive day.

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