The Problem with Alarm Clocks and How to Wake Without One

Waking up to alarmWe all know how annoying an alarm clock can be. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Not only does this sound startle you, it can often times leave you feeling groggy. No matter which stage of sleep you’re in, the alarm clock’s job is to get your day started. The problem is, deep stages of sleep are the most restorative for you. Being woken up out of a deep stage of sleep can and will leave you feeling as though you barely slept at all! The best way to wake up is naturally and without the stress of being scared awake. It is possible to wake up without the use of an alarm clock, but it may take some time. Here are a few different ways to train yourself to wake up without an alarm clock.

Alarm clock: One key approach to waking up without an alarm clock is by training your mind to know it needs to be awake at a certain time. An alarm clock wakes you up because it is a loud noise that startles and disrupts your sleep. If you do not use the snooze button, and you wake yourself up at the same time every day using an alarm clock, within a week or 2 you should be able to avoid the alarm altogether. Most of us will have an alarm set as a backup in case for some reason we do not wake up on time. If you wake up naturally, you just simply turn off the alarm so it does not go off. You can use the alarm to help set your sleep cycle to know when it needs to wake up every day.

Natural cues: By using your senses you can effectively get rid of your alarm clock and wake up feeling more rested.

·       Light– Open your blinds or pull your curtains open because daylight will surely wake you up. Our circadian rhythm associates light with morning, so getting a nice blast of morning sunlight will surely start your day off properly. If the sunlight does not make it into your bedroom, try using a lamp or a light set on a timer. Although the sunlight will ease you awake as the sun rises, using a lamp will activate sensors and hormones in the brain, signaling it is time to wake up. You will not need a loud noise to wake you.

·       Sound– Does a train pass by your house every morning around the time you wake up? How about your roommate flushing the toilet every morning? Are there sounds that you hear every morning that you can use as a sign it is time to wake up? Take note of what noises wake you up and when. Then use those sounds as a cue that it is time to rise.

·       Temp– Whether you are too cold or too hot, your body will wake you up when it is uncomfortable. Put your heater on a timer that is set to turn on 1 hour before your wake up time. This should raise the temperature enough to wake you from your slumber in a peaceful and non-traumatic way.

·       Smells– Do you have coffee every morning to shake off the groggy feeling caused by your alarm? Put your coffee maker on a timer so that the smell can act as a cue that is it morning time and time to get your java fix. These cues aren’t as effective, so they should be used with conjunction with other natural cues.

We recommend you have an alarm clock set as a backup just in case you ever do over sleep. Waking up without an alarm clock can be very refreshing and start your day out better then you could ever imagine. Please feel free to leave a comment with your advice on how to wake up without using an alarm clock!

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