Picking the Right Bed Sheets for Winter

Bed SheetsWhen it comes to staying warm this winter, don’t overlook the role your bed sheets play while you sleep. Different fabrics can offer more or less warmth when you need it the most. Remember, while you sleep your body temperature drops, so you will need to stay cool enough to fall asleep comfortably yet warm enough to not wake up freezing in the middle of the night. Depending on what your preference is, different fabrics may be more appealing to you than someone else. Let’s see what the different fabrics offer:

Cotton: Cotton is the most commonly used material when it comes to bed Cotton bed sheetssheets. This material is cheap to produce and comes in a variation of thread counts. Thread count refers to the amount of threads in a square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer and more comfortable the sheets will feel. Don’t be fooled; 1000 thread count sheets are not always the best. High thread count sheets may lead to more wear and tear, as the threads are thinner. This sheet is perfect for use year-round and does not offer any surprises after washing. It will feel cool until it warms up to your body temperature and offers great temperature control.

Flannel: Flannel is a variation of cotton sheets and can be considered a more comfortable alternative. Flannel is made Flannel bed sheetsfrom cotton but offers a softer, cozier alternative during the winter months. Although thread count is less of an issue with flannel sheets, make sure the “fluff” of the sheet is not too loose. Otherwise, you may find some pills, or small soft balls, in the fabric after several washes. The fluffy nature of these sheets will feel warm at first touch and may retain body heat more efficiently. This sheet is great for those who like a warm and cozy bed throughout the night.

Fleece: Fleece sheets are made from polyester, a hypoallergenic fabric ideal for anyone with Fleece bed sheetsallergies caused by fabrics or dust. Fleece sheets are also very soft and comfortable, similar to flannel. Fleece is better at regulating the temperature under the sheets and may prevent you from waking up uncomfortably.

Silk: Silk reminds us of luxury. Silk sheets are the ideal sheet for comfort and softness. Although silk sheets may be pricy, anyone looking to sleep in luxury may not find any comparableSilk bed sheets fabrics. Silk is cool to the touch and always inviting, but can heat up fast. Silk is not known for its temperature controlling properties, so you may find yourself getting too hot while you sleep. Silk sheets are great during the fall and spring where the nights are cool and you don’t need to bundle up.

After you’ve decided which sheet matches your preferences, remember to make sure your mattress offers great comfort and support! No matter what sheet you prefer, sleeping on a Sleep Options mattress will only improve the quality of your sleep. Shop for Sleep Options today at Sleepy’s.

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