How to Choose the Right Mattress Size

sleep options memory foam, sleep options natural latex mattress, When it comes time to purchase a new mattress, it is important to make sure every dollar spent is worthwhile. If you weren’t getting a good night’s rest on your old mattress, it may be time to reevaluate the size of the bed you were sleeping on. Many different factors come into play when deciding on which mattress size is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a full, queen or king mattress, reading this article before making your final decision may change your mind.

1.    Look at your old mattress size. One of the most common problems with mattresses is that they are too small for their owners. Evaluate your current sleep conditions. Do you feel as if you’re falling off the bed when you sleep? Do you have room to roll over with enough space left between you and the edge of the bed? Conversely, do you feel as if you could downgrade to a smaller size because there is too much room? It is normal for our bodies to adapt to a specific amount of space overtime, which is why it may be more comfortable for people to go bigger the next time they buy a mattress instead of purchasing a smaller one.

2.    Consider your height. For the optimal bed length, make sure your mattress is about 4-6” longer than your height. Taller or heavier people almost always require a bigger mattress to sleep on. Different mattress sizes are going to leave you with different amounts of space depending on your body type. Take a look at this mattress sizing sheet where you can find the different dimensions of every kind of bed.

3.    Are you sleeping alone? When sleeping on a twin-sized bed, you have 39” of personal sleeping space. Upgrading to a full size bed may seem like a great decision when you’re looking to expand your comfort zone, and it is if you are sleeping by yourself. If you are looking to buy a full-sized mattress for you and your partner, it may be time to rethink that decision. At 54” across, sleeping on a full-sized mattress with a partner means that you only get 27” of width for yourself! This sleeping situation may feel more cramped then if you were sleeping alone in a twin bed. Try opting for a queen or king mattress instead.

4.    Tossing and turning. Before heading over to your local Sleepy’s to purchase your new mattress, take note of your sleeping habits. Do you find yourself frequently changing positions throughout the night or do you usually sleep in place? What about your partner? If either you or your partner tend to toss and turn in the night, it would be wise to purchase a bigger mattress, such as a queen or king, so that there are less sleep disturbances for both of you. If you’re sleeping alone and usually switch your sleep position, a full-sized bed should give you enough space.

5.    Measure your bedroom. Although it’s more important that you have enough room on your mattress, it is also necessary to consider if your room has enough space for your new bed. Before making a final decision on the size, measure your bedroom to make sure it will fit comfortably. You don’t want your bedroom to just be a bed! For ease of set up, you may also want to measure the space of your hallways and doorways too.

Each of our Sleep Options mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Short Queen, King and California King. The XL sizes are great options for those who are looking for the same width of a mattress but need a little more length. A Short Queen is optimal for those who don’t need as much length as they do width of their mattress. For more information on mattress sizes, please feel free to browse Sleep Options on Sleepy’s.

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