Beauty Tips for Sleep: How to Get a Morning Glow

Sleep Options, memory foam mattress, natural latex mattress, pillows, foundation, bedroomLadies, are you striving for a morning glow? Don’t worry, there are things you can do to beautify yourself while you are asleep! We all know that during a night’s slumber, our bodies rejuvenate themselves, but did you know this is when your skin is also working to repair itself? A study done by a dermatology professor at the University of Southern California found that skin works harder to revive itself during the nighttime hours. It’s time for you to fit some beauty techniques into your bedtime routine so that you wake up glowing!

1.    Remove your makeup before you go to bed. We’re all guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on occasionally, but it’s important to take it off! Our pores secrete sebum, a lubricant that helps to moisturize our skin. Makeup clogs the pores that emit sebum, which can cause skin problems such as acne. Not only will removing your facial makeup help you to avoid pimples, but taking off your eye makeup will help you to avoid eye irritations and infections. Use a gentle facial cleanser or makeup remover before it’s time to snooze. Remember, leaving makeup on overnight will not make you look pretty in the morning.

2.    Eat healthy for your skin. Moisturizing your face does not always have to be with a cream. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is a very healthy alternative to keeping your skin strong. In terms of food, try to add some protein or omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Eating food such as nuts and fish is a great way to make your skin shimmer.

3.    Sleep on your back. Wrinkles are a woman’s worst nightmare, and thankfully, there’s a way to reduce wrinkles in your sleep! Get yourself into the habit of sleeping flat on your back. If you tend to sleep on your side or stomach, your face is usually nuzzled into your pillow. Sleeping like this causes “sleep lines” in your skin, which will become permanent wrinkles if you continue these sleep positions.

4.    Use a humidifier. Humidifiers are not only great to help your breathing while you sleep, but they also help to revive your skin. It’s important to retain moisture in our skin throughout the night, and turning on a humidifier will accomplish that by combating the dry indoor air. Make sure you use the humidifier properly though, and clean it frequently. Additionally, keep the humidity level in your room between 30-50%.

5.    Moisturize after you bathe. It’s not rare to find that you step out of the shower or bath and your skin is scaly and dry. Moisturizing your skin is especially important if you bathe right before bedtime. Since your skin is working its hardest to rejuvenate overnight, it’s a good idea to use a hydrating body cream or lotion before you hit the sack.

We hope that you enjoy these sleeping beauty tips! If you have any of your own techniques or tricks, please feel free to leave them below!

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