Your Pet May Be Causing You Sleepless Nights

Dog Sleeping in BedOur pets are always happy to see us. Whether you are coming home from work, school or you just ran to the mailbox, they always meet you with a smile and an upbeat mood. They can become your best friend and help you get through tough times when you may feel all alone. But what about those long sleepless nights you seem to have? Fact is, even though your pet loves you, they may unknowingly be contributing to your restless nights.

Do you let your pet sleep in the bed with you? According to a study, 56% of dog owners said their dog sleeps in the bed with them, and 62% of cat owners said their cat slept in their bed. Whether your pet is sleeping on the floor or in your bed, you may face some sort of sleep disturbance. Let’s discuss some possible issues of sleeping with pets.

One of the biggest problems with sleeping with your pets is their inability to lay still. If your pet sleeps on the floor, which is recommended over sleeping in the bed, they can still cause you to briefly wake, sometimes so little you have no knowledge of it. Any noise may spike their curiosity and cause them to get up and walk around. It may seem harmless enough, but this can cause a person to wake up. The dog may also decide it wants to be walked or explore, and start causing a bigger commotion to alert their owner. Leaving the door open for your pet is advised, but can also lead to outside noises affecting both you and your pet’s sleep. Giving your pet a larger area to roam can sometimes lead to louder noises being caused. Remember, your pet loves you, yet it may not understand what tip-toeing or “bed time voices” mean.

If you enjoy your pet’s company in bed, you’re not alone. It is common for a pet owner to invite their fury friend to sleep in luxury instead of on a cold floor. Additionally, it seems pets, specifically dogs, enjoy being close to their owner, if not nestled on one of their limbs. There are many problems that arise with allowing your pet, especially your dog, to sleep in the bed. There are around 100 diseases that can be transmitted from domestic pets ranging from meningitis to the bubonic plague. Yes, the plague. Although transmitting these diseases is rare, sleeping with your pets still poses a risk. Aside from deadly diseases that can cause poor health and even death, the short terms affects can still put a damper on your health.

Allergies, either severe or light, can cause your night to be restless. Pets can leave behind dander that can cause an allergic reaction. You may wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly, but pets can often think that your bed is there for them to take naps throughout the day. This can also contribute to the accumulation of dander or other germs that can cause an allergic reaction.

Another form of disruption can certainly cause you to wake up: snoring. Your pet needs to breathe, and some animals are more prone to snoring then others. Have you ever been woken up because your dog was snoring? It can certainly ruin a peaceful night’s sleep. Another big issue is when your pet cannot find a particular spot to lie down. A dog or cat may reposition themselves over 5 times per night, forcing them to stand up and search for a new area to call their bed. It is common for your pet to step on or over you while searching for a new area to lie, causing you to wake up. Also, a person who allows their pet to sleep in their bed is usually subconsciously aware their pet is in bed. When you go to roll over or reposition yourself, you might wake yourself up in fear of rolling onto or crushing your pet. This tends to sometimes frighten the person sleeping, making it difficult to fall back asleep as the fear of hurting their beloved pet causes stress and anxiety.

These are just some important factors to take into consideration when you invite your pet into the room to sleep. You may feel that you are abandoning your pet by making them sleep in a separate room, but it will help keep you healthy and ensure you get the quality sleep you deserve. If you have your pet sleeping on the bed and are not ready to be without their company completely, try making them sleep on the floor. Tell us in the comments if you have noticed your sleep quality improve since moving your pet either onto the floor or into another room!

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