The Best and Worst Nights for Sleep

Worst Night to SleepAsk yourself this question: which night of the week do you find yourself getting the best and worst sleep? Depending on lifestyle, schedule, profession and age, the answer to which is the best and worst night to sleep may vary from person to person.

A study of 3500 adults commissioned by Travelodge, a hotel chain, found that nearly 60% of workers reported that Sunday night was when they slept the worst. Of that 60%, more than a quarter claim to have called out sick Monday morning due to their lack of quality sleep.

What may be the cause of this phenomenon? Work. The study shows that the anxiety and stress from another workweek is the reason people lose sleep on Sunday. It is already known that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week, and has been associated with the phrase, “having a case of the Mondays.” If you do not work on Mondays, your worst night of sleep may be different, but typically the worst night of sleep occurs before the workweek begins.

On the flip side to this, getting the best night of sleep is linked to the end of the workweek. The study found that 80% of people had their best quality sleep on Friday night. This is because the stress associated with the workweek has ended, preparing most for a better night’s rest. What’s a better way to relax than sleep Friday night away and wake up feeling refreshed for the weekend?

Some people may have thought the days would be swapped, as Friday night some may grab dinner and drinks with friends or family and stay out late, and then use Sunday to relax and go to bed early for work. Of course, this study doesn’t speak for everyone, but it does give you some great insight into the days of the week that are better or worse for catching up on sleep.

Based on this study, there are certainly ways you can help prepare yourself for Sunday night and make your sleep better. For instance, if you know Sunday night will lead to a restless night, start your wind down routine earlier. Light candles or incense to help promote sleep or snack on some melatonin- rich foods a bit before bedtime. You can even try yoga or stress relief techniques to help ease the anxiety of the Monday morning blues so that you can sleep better on Sunday.

Sleep is important not only for personal health, but personal success inside and outside of work. Tell us in the comments which night you find to be the best and worst night for sleep, and include any techniques you have tried to help make those sleepless nights better.

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