What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Sleep PositionHave you ever wondered why some people sleep in a certain position? It may be due to that position being the most comfortable, but is it possible there are underlying causes? Say for instance, your sleep style is reflective of the type of person you are. It seems that there are many precursors to why and how a person sleeps. It could be due in part to a surgery or body ache or pain. Maybe you don’t feel well. There are a number of reasons that can force a person to sleep the way they do, but when comparing it to a person’s personality, you begin to see a connection. Let’s take a look at what the different sleep positions are, and what type of “personality” or character traits are associated with them.

Sleep Position Survey

Before you continue reading, understand that the survey was taken of a select populous, and does not reflect every person. One thousand people were selected and surveyed.

The Fetal Position: This position is the most popular, with 41% of the 1,000 people sleeping in this position. To go even further into the findings, it is said that more than twice the amount of women than men sleep in this position. They say that a person who sleeps in this position has a tough exterior and will most likely portray a “front,” as they are usually shy and sensitive. They are shy at first meet, but can easily warm up and become relaxed.

The Fetal Position can also be unhealthy. Sleeping on your left side will put excess pressure and strain on your liver, stomach, lungs and heart. It is best to sleep on your right side.

The Log: Fifteen percent of those surveyed said they sleep in this position. It is said that sleeping with both of your arms at your side deem you as an easy-going, sociable person who is trusting of others. So trusting, it borders the line of being gullible.

The Yearner: Sleeping with both arms out in front of you just missed the number two spot. The Yearner is open-minded, yet still cynical and suspicious. They often take their time making a decision, but once the decision has been reached, they are stubborn about changing it.

The Soldier: Eight percent adopted this style of sleep, which is also an indicator of a person who snores. The flat back position is a prime sleep position to cause snoring. Aside from snoring, these sleepers are quiet and reserved. They do not make a fuss, yet hold themselves and others to a higher standard.

The Freefaller: Aside from being one of the worst sleeping styles due to the lack of support on your neck and back, 7% of those surveyed sleep in this position. The Freefallers are brash but outgoing. They are not fond of any type of criticism either.

The Starfish: Finishing in last place with a 5% response rate are the sleepers who are not comfortable being the center of attention. The Starfish sleepers are said to be good listeners, helpful and make good friends. They are also prone to snoring due to the flat-back sleep style.

Roughly 11%, or the remainder of those in the survey said they did not know the position in which they slept, or that it varied.

If you think you have other traits that can be attributed to a certain sleeping style, or if these are pretty accurate compared to your sleep position, please leave a comment below!

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