How to Get a Good Night’s Rest During Better Sleep Month

Sleep Options Memory Foam Mattress, Natural Latex Mattress, Pillows, Sleep AccessoriesEvery year, May is recognized as Better Sleep Month in hopes of spreading and sharing information about the health benefits of a proper sleep routine. If you have noticed that you or your family are having trouble sleeping at night, this would be the best time to fix your problems! Here are some ways that you can observe Better Sleep Month and start getting a good night’s rest…

1. Keep a Weekly Sleep Log

The first step that you should take during Better Sleep Month, is to record your current sleep habits. This will help you pinpoint exactly what you can change in your sleep routine. Write down what time you go to sleep at night, how many hours of sleep you got, how many time you woke up in the middle of the night, and any sleep medications that you may take. Keeping a record of your sleep routine will help you to get a better understanding of what you can do to make your night’s rest more peaceful. Use this sleep log and start recording today!

2. Clean Your Room

A cluttered room subconsciously triggers stress within a person. In order to get the most comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep, clean your room! Make sure that your closet, book shelves, desk, etc., are all organized and kept tidy. If you keep unfinished work or school projects in your bedroom, it is best to remove them. They are another reminder of things that need to be done, which can induce even more stress.

3. Clean the Air

Healthy breathing during your sleep is sure to keep your rest uninterrupted every night. Therefore, in order to keep the air in your room fresh, open you windows periodically to air it out. You can also try using an air purifier in order to freshen the air in your bedroom. If you would like to add a special touch to your air quality, try aromatherapy. You can use soothing scented oils, or bed sheet mists that consists of scents such as lavender, vanilla, or chamomile.

4. Schedule a Wind-Down Time

In order to get a good night’s sleep, the brain must wind-down for at least an hour before bedtime. In order to completely relax your brain, do not use any technology or try to finish your day’s unfinished activities. Try not to think about the tasks that you have on-hand for tomorrow, as that will only build up more stress. Instead, try unwinding by reading a book or doing other stress-free activities.

5. Avoid Sitting or Lying on Your Bed

If you are not planning on going to sleep, do not sit or lay down on your bed! You need to start considering your bedroom as a peaceful place in which you only use for sleeping purposes. By sitting on your bed or laying down without sleep being your intention, you are ruining the aura that your bedroom should have for a better night’s rest.

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